No Pasa Nada

This past week may have been one of the longest weeks of my life to date, and yet all I can do is smile.

Upon arrival in Spain, there were a few speed bumps. Literally and figuratively (At least they weren’t like the mini mountains that passed as speed bumps you find in Mexico).

So I bet you’re thinking that this chick is just complaining about silly nosense.


Yeah, I kind of am. There is a point though, I promise!

Listed below are the barriers my new roommates and I were faced with. If you want to bypass them please feel free to scroll through!

-Was late to the airport and had to pay an extra baggage fee
-Bag didn’t fit on the train and was forced to sit in the last car on top of my bag.
-Apartment booked on AIRBnb was a disgrace to all bookings on AIRBnb.
-Found other listings for apartments, but lost deposit for “the rental” (all without internet!)
-Lost about 400€ between lodging and luggage
-My 5 year old laptop finally broke for good.
-It rained for the entire Festival de Los Romanos y Carthaginians.


Despite all of these road blocks we have been able to settle into our new apartment and city. Moving to a new city can be frightening and a hassle, yet rewarding. Now imagine moving across an ocean, to a country that speaks a different language, while working a position you’ve never done before. It can be intimating to say the least.

My life has already changed quite a bit from these experiences. You learn so much about yourself and what you can handle from traveling. All the hair-pulling and frustration now makes me laugh. On to the next lesson España!


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